Why Do Big Companies Hire Creative Agencies?

If you ever ask why big companies hire creative agencies instead of doing things by themselves is pretty straightforward.

Based on my experience as an owner of a creative agency in Jakarta, Indonesia, I’ve worked closely with some global companies such as British American Tobacco, Danone, and many more.

In this article, I’ll share my thoughts and experience to provide a helpful answer to this question.

Why Do Big Companies Hire Creative Agencies? (Answered)

Lack of expertise and resource. Even though there is a marketing department in every big company, outsourcing expertise and resource are the primary reason for hiring creative agencies to do the work. When you work in a company, you are limited to around 8-10 hours per day to do many things. This includes solving a problem or generating a new idea for your company. To solve a problem, sometimes you need a pair of fresh eyes to see it from a different perspective. Moreover, not every company has that much of a resource to recruit another employee to help you do your job description. That’s why hiring a creative agency is one of the best solutions to add expertise and resource in one swing.

Why Is A Creative Agency Important?

There is one similarity between every project I have worked on with my clients. Lack of resources.

When you work in a company, you can be overwhelmed with almost everything. Preparing a presentation, creating a proposal, pitching a new business plan, and many more. Sometimes, everything falls under a tight deadline.

In many companies, there aren’t enough people to do the workload of an entire department. It’s just too much. So, one of the best ways to overcome this situation is to hire a creative agency to do the work. I can’t stress this enough since I’ve seen most of our clients feel thankful for hiring us so they can work on something else.

I can guarantee you that hiring the right creative agency will lift the burden of an overworked employee for a good reason. I have never seen an employee feeling sad to hand over their work to a creative agency, not even once.

For me, it was always a pleasure to help our client do their work by providing the best possible support within a tight deadline. That’s how important a creative agency is for a company.

Brainstorming Partner

As someone that helps people solve problems from a different perspective, I have always positioned myself as a brainstorming partner for my clients. Even big companies still need a second or third opinion from people outside the company. Hiring a creative agency is like having another pair of fresh eyes to see a problem.

When you work in a creative agency, you are exposed to various industries. I’ve worked with clients in the tobacco industry, motorcycles, beauty and cosmetics, and many more. Moreover, I’ve also worked with Call Center Department, Marketing Department, Training Department, Research Department, Sales Department, and even Top Level Executives.

All of this exposure provides a whole new perspective on seeing a problem. Every client I have worked with always demands another point of view to solve their problems. In other words, expertise.

For big companies, hiring a creative agency is always about getting their expertise and knowledge to provide valuable insights and information about ongoing trends. This way, big companies can keep up with their competitors.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article delivers a helpful answer to why big companies hire creative agencies. Since hiring a creative agency is a strategic move, choosing the right agency to do the work is as important as the budget you will spend. Otherwise, you’re just adding invaluable resources to your company.

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